A cold wintery blast has just passed over NZ with snow to low levels and strong cold winds. We asked a four clients how their infracomfort® heating managed. Here’s what they said . . .


1.       Havelock Primary School

2.64kW per 70m2,  plasterboard suspended ceiling panels

“Lovely and comfortable.”


2.       Thorndon School, Wellington

2.84kW in 65m2 (4 x Aluminium PX710’s) ,old uninsulated prefab

“Been great, lovely and warm”


3.       Taupo Primary School

Room similar to Thorndon’s with the same heating arrangement. Minus 40C in the morning

“Other teachers kept gravitating into my room because theirs were cold and mine was nice and warm. The boilers servicing their rooms weren’t coping and neither were heat pumps.”


4.       Hohepa Manager’s Residence

Home attached to residential facility – bedrooms and hallway, aluminium series

“It’s fantastic, really really good! You don’t get hot and cold patches, it’s just a nice even warmth. The house is so much more liveable now and not damp. With the wind off the snow near us in the past couple of days it was still lovely and warm”


So infracomfort® heating continues to be outstanding!!!



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