Infracomfort NZ Ltd

Community and Environmental Policy


Although we are a young business a primary goal is to join the nation’s leaders in environmental and social responsibility.

This includes responsible product sourcing, a zero carbon footprint, ensuring workers are well treated at all levels, and providing for productive re-use of infracomfort® product components at the end of their working life.

How we do it

1. Materials management

Our products and packaging are 99% recyclable and where possible are made from recycled materials. We also trace component origins to ensure they are responsibly sourced with minimal environmental impact. An ultimate goal is to establish a registered Product Stewardardship scheme encompassing all our products.

2. Worker well-being

We have built personal relationships with our manufacturers in Thailand and know they place a premium on excellent working conditions, health and safety. They also contribute substantially to the well-being of their local community. We continue to monitor this with regular dialogue and inspections of the manufacturing facilities. Family and life balance are priorities in our company culture.

3. Carbon footprint

Our products reduce the carbon footprint of our customers on an ongoing basis by achieving desired comfort levels whilst significantly reducing energy use. We also encourage our customers to source their electricity from companies that use renewable energy such as hydro, geothermal, wind or solar power, not fossil fuels.

We acknowledge there is a carbon cost in shipping and in sales and distribution activities within New Zealand. This may already be offset by the savings described above however to be sure we undertake to monitor our annual carbon footprint to ensure it is zero or negative by 2014.

4. NZ Community Responsibility

We offer product at significantly reduced prices to community entities such as schools, preschools, elder care facilities and providers to needy families to ensure a safe and healthy heating option is available to those who are most vulnerable, where we know infracomfort® heating will significantly improve their lives.


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