Comfortable heat

Hot Wall

Hot Wall

At home we like to be comfortably warm, but what does this mean? And how do we achieve it with low energy consumption?

Our personal comfort relies just as much on radiant heat transfer as it does on air temperature. The more you have from one, the less you need from the other.

And there is nothing mysterious to radiant heat: it is the heat you feel when you walk alongside a hot wall on a summer evening.

High comfort with low energy

With infracomfort® heat panels installed you will experience:

  • No dry air (skin irritation – humidity stays around a comfortable 40%)
  • No uneven heat distribution – no cold floors and walls
  • No condensation
  • No mold
  • No dust movement
  • No smells
  • No sounds
  • Just comfort

The best way to achieve high comfort with low energy consumption is with low temperature heating over a large surface. infracomfort® heat panels achieve this with a typical surface temperature of not more than 75°C (167°F).

This makes them safe for children and pets, but also extremely efficient in converting electrical energy to infrared heat waves of around 10,000nm – close to the natural radiant warmth of 9,300nm we give off as humans.


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