Easy Installation


Which Panels?
We recommend taking our advice as to which panels to use for your particular needs.
There’s nothing like experience and expertise to help you get it right.

Due to their radiant heat output, infracomfort® heat panels can be installed almost anywhere within a room, generally high on the wall or on the ceiling.
Avoid installing behind furniture or pointing directly at windows.

Our new range of products with their high level of back insulation can now be fitted directly to a surface with simple screws – there’s now no need for brackets. The screws are not visible once installation is complete.

We also offer stylish hanging kits for suspending panels from high ceilings or for special effect.

Electrical Install
All our panels come with three-point plugs and can be simply plugged in. For most efficient and effective results (and cost saving in the long run) we strongly recommend installation by an electrician to include one of our range of sophisticated thermostats.


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