Why is it green technology?

Infracomfort uses Green Technology

Green technology

Oil and gas heaters emit CO2 by burning fossil fuel and therefore directly contribute to the depletion of fossil fuels and rapid climate change.

Sooner or later this technology will reach the end of its lifecycle. Alternative sustainable heating technologies have to be developed instead.

infracomfort® infrared heaters do not emit CO2 directly. If your energy provider supplies you with renewable energy (green electricity) you can totally eliminate your CO2 emission.

To minimize your environmental impact, choose an electricity supplier that uses renewable energy sources such as hydro, wind or geothermal.

infracomfort® infrared heaters are already part of our green energy future.

Up to 70% less energy

When compared to electric convection heaters infracomfort® can in many cases save up to 50% in energy consumption, in some cases even up to 80%. Because electric convection heaters are still used on a great scale worldwide, the energy saving potential is huge.


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