Is infrared safe?

Infracomfort technology is safe and healthy

Safe and healthy

Infrared waves have nothing to do with Microwaves, UV or X-Rays. Infrared waves are emitted by any object that has a temperature above the absolute minimum (-273°C).

The human body and even ice emits this form of energy while the sun and fire are the biggest source of infrared waves. Infrared waves theoretically reach any distance, even though they lose power over longer distances.

Infrared waves last until they find a body which can absorb and re-emit the energy.

Infrared waves are divided in 3 sections: IR-A (shortwave), IR-B (middle waves) and IR-C (long waves). infracomfort® heaters emit only C waves with a wavelength of around 10.000 nm which is considered to be very safe and healthy.

Higher humidity has positive impact on health and comfort

An indoor humidity (RH) of less than 30% causes dry-air problems: discomfort due to excess static electricity, skin irritation, headaches, respiratory problems, and in the long run also problems involving furniture, and floors.

With infracomfort® humidity remains stable between 40% and 55%.

Because there is no air-flow dust will settle on the floor and can easily be removed. Indoor conditions for people that suffer from asthma or other allergies will improve significantly.

Safe for kids and pets

Your child cannot get burned by touching an infracomfort® heater, maximum surface temperature is just 75°C. Because of this relatively low temperature clothes and other materials cannot catch fire.

Futhermore, an electric infrared heating system cannot produce carbon monoxide (CO).


infracomfort® infrared heat is certified to the NZ Electrical Standards requirements.


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