How can infracomfort® heating save that much energy?

Infracomfort technology saves energy

Saves Energy

The use of infrared waves for heating is not a new idea. Here are four facts which make infracomfort® so energy efficient:

Fact 1: Airflow

Convective heating causes air circulation where the air cools down by touching the colder walls and ceilings. This airflow needs to be reheated all the time and requires energy.

Most of the hot air ends up at the ceiling, where you don’t need it.

infracomfort® sends heat waves to walls, ceilings, floors, windows, furniture and all other bodies first and from there the air gets heated. There is no airflow and no need to reheat the air all the time.

Fact 2: Higher humidity

infracomfort® does not dry up the air. Normal humidity will remain at 40% to 55%. You will find that if you were choosing a temperature setting of 21°C with conventional heating, your infracomfort® setting needs to be only 18°C only to acquire the same level of comfort.

The 3 degrees difference together with the fact that you need to open the windows only 2 times a day to get fresh air will save a lot of energy.

Fact 3: New Technology

The use of infrared waves for heating is not a new idea. However, most existing infrared heaters create an enormous heat (input up to 2.000 Watt) on a relative small surface and therefore cause an airflow as well.

Those strong heat waves are very uncomfortable and the energy saving potential is small. infracomfort® developed a unique solution where you have a maximum surface temperature of 75°C, at inputs up to a maximum of only 710 Watts.

Fact 4: Room temperature control

The infracomfort® thermostat/timer system allows you to keep each room at its individual right temperature at individual times. Rooms can be cooled down before you go to sleep and reheated before you get up. All this easily programmed at a fingertip with up to six settings a day!


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