Choosing a Heater

When planning your heating you are very strongly advised to choose the right sized heater or heaters for the space you wish to heat. If you under-specify the system will not work nearly as well and will cost more to run.

There are three ways to specify
1.  Use the calculator below to establish the total wattage required. Then choose from our extensive product range to achieve the watts you need
2.  If you’d like us to do it for you please provide information on the Request for Quote form, scan or photograph and email it to us.
3.  Contact us directly for advice and pricing

Infracomfort Calculator

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Wattage Required Guide

Base Watts 35watts/m2

80 watts/m2 - Conservatory (glass ceiling)
70 watts/m2 - Bathroom

55 watts/m2 - Rooms with up to 2 non insulated walls
65 watts/m2 - Rooms with Windows (No Ceiling insulation)
70 watts/m2 - Rooms with High Ceilings (up to 4m)

45 watts/m2 - Rooms with 35+% Windows with 1 Outside walls
50 watts/m2 - Rooms with 35+% Windows with 2 Outside walls
55 watts/m2 - Rooms with 35+% Windows with 3 Outside walls

Living Rooms - Add 5 watts per m2 or for rooms that may need a higher temperature over 21 degrees