Infracomfort heating technology vs. sun powerSuitable for every home, apartment and work area no matter what size – this is a new heating solution never experienced before!

Infracomfort products utilize infrared technology, reengineered to provide the most natural way of heating – the Sun’s natural heat wave.

Most existing heating systems (no matter whether they consume electricity, gas or oil) heat the air by creating a uncomfortable constant air flow.

InfraComfort infrared heating technology heats walls, ceilings, furniture and most import human beings which then release the heat to the air.

By eliminating the airflow of convective heating InfraComfort heat panels help deal with the following:

  • dry air
  • dust particles
  • feeling too hot or too cold due to uneven heat distribution
  • no more cold floors, walls and windows
  • no more condensation on windows and bathroom mirrors

Infracomfort offers you the most comfortable heat never experienced before.

Infracomfort heating technology can be used as a solution for the entire house with all its comfortability advantages.

Infracomfort heating panels are ideally suited for apartments allowing central heating advantages such as low cost energy consumption and harmonized heating of the entire dwelling at lowest cost possible without disturbing the structure.

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