We installed 2 of the larger panels in the open plan lounge. The infracomfort panels delivered a comfort level of “not too hot, not too cold….just right”

-Cath , Taupo




We are very happy with our infracomfort heaters. They provide a wonderful cosy heat for our children’s bedrooms and a very cost-effective to run, and great flexibility with the programming. They are safe and I would recommend them to anyone. If I designed a house from scratch again today I would incorporate infrared heating throughout the whole home. The service we received was first rate.

Ged, Queenstown 



Not cold not hot….just perfect

Cath, Taupo


We replaced our night store heater in the hallway. Infracomfort fitted a 310watt panel on the ceiling and disconnected the 4500watt night store. The warmth is fantastic and very cost effective to run. I would recommend infracomfort Ltd and their heaters to anyone. They also placed panels in our Whare Kai at Mokai  Marae and they are brilliant.

Marilyn, Rotorua





We were hooked on Infra-red heating immediately we read the information produced by Infracomfort Ltd. in Taupo. Their products are a major breakthrough in electric space heating.  At long last using electricity for heating is both effective – and affordable.

We installed Infracomfort panels in the bedrooms/bathrooms wing of our new house on the Kaimai Range, near Tauranga.  The heating which these units produce is unobtrusive and pleasant.  There are no ‘hot-spots’ – so the key words to describe the effect are ‘comfort’.

Most importantly, our power bill was very reasonable – unlike the results one gets when using radiant or fan-type heating.

The Thermostat control unit for each room is both sophisticated (in terms of the range of facilities it provides), logical and straight-forward in its modus operandi.

Altogether, we are extremely pleased and satisfied with our Infracomfort infra-red panel heaters.  They are very easy to use and the overall effect is much like the central heating in a large modern building.  It’s just ‘there and one does not notice it because the look of it seems to be so right, simple but elegant.  Our only regret at this time is that we did not include the same units throughout the rest of the house.  It would be a hard person to please who did not like and enjoy this product.

Shirley & Colin  


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