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HH Series
Stylish aluminium low sheen powder coated models with off white frame. Can be fixed directly to the ceiling or wall, fitted into suspended ceilings or lowered as required. 
Frameless (F) Series
Premium and stylish. An exciting new range fast becoming popular in residential settings for both new and existing buildings. The off-white, low sheen powder coated aluminium is presentable and unobtrusive. 
Patio Series
Robust and grunty, these are ideal for outdoors, cafés, large industrial settings, marae and halls. Especially effective in high roof situations or where there may be dust and other hazards. Available with remote control variable wattages. 
Personal Heater
Perfect for total comfort at your desk. Also an ideal free standing personal heater. Only 150 Watt (1/16th the power used by a typical fan heater) 

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