Infrared heating experts

Infracomfort far-infrared heating is the new wave in main or secondary heating systems for homes, apartments, schools, marae, shops, offices, showrooms and restaurants.

Our products

All Infracomfort infrared heat panels are certified to the New Zealand Electrical Standards requirements and come with a full 5-year guarantee against faulty parts or workmanship.

What is infrared heating?

Infracomfort far-infrared heating panels work by emitting invisible infrared light that gently and safely warms people and surfaces. The energy collected by the surfaces is then gradually released to provide a lovely unobtrusive and safe comfort with minimal input of energy.

Far infrared heating explained
There are no draughts and no noise, and unlike convection or fan-forced heating, infrared does not heat the air directly and doesn’t have the problem of hot air rising to the ceiling or rushing out the door. 

This placement and retention of the warmth where it is needed, combined with the low wattage of the panels, creates a very cost-effective system with low demand on electrical infrastructure.

Additionally, infrared heat generates a feeling of health and well-being that traditional convection heaters are not able to offer. Many users compare the effect of infrared heat as being similar to sunshine.   

The flexibility of Infracomfort far-infrared heating makes it an ideal choice for the many different spaces in homes and commercial buildings, large and small, found throughout New Zealand. Read more.