Patio series

Robust and grunty, these heaters provide immediate directional heat and are ideal for outdoor areas, cafés, bars, industrial settings, marae and halls. Especially effective in buildings with elevated ceilings. Available with remote control and in various wattages.

Model   PowerCoverageVoltageCurrentSurface temp.Dimension (mm)N/G weight (kg)
GT-10A1000W10 m2230V 50/60HZ4.3A380℃600*189*674.3/5
GT-18A1800W20 m2230V 50/60HZ7.8A380℃1000*189*676.5/7.2
GT-24A2400W30 m2230V 50/60HZ10.4A380℃1500*189*679.7/10.6
GT-32A3200W40 m2230V 50/60HZ13.9A380℃2000*189*6713.2/14.8

SafeOverheat protection
Quick heating5 minutes
EconomicalNo maintenance cost
Highest heating efficiency99.99%G
Energy savingUniform heat distribution. No heat loss
Heating elementFerrochromium wire with outer stainless steel tube
CertificationCE , SAA, CCC
Design styleGerman Design Black Heatstrip
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